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What is it about Steampunk anyway?

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Apr. 12th, 2007 | 05:47 pm
location: Da Hizzlehouse
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I was recently introduced to the wonderful quirky world of Steampunk. Here is how it happened. I was surfing and found a blog entry for the awesomely cool Steampunk keyboard by the marvelously talented Mr. Jake Von Slatt ( see it here at the http://www.steampunkworkshop.com/ ). I then somewhat obsessively, er, compulsively devoured the rest of his site, and started to investigate all things steampunkian. I now visit Brass Goggles http://www.brassgoggles.co.uk/brassgoggles/ every day, and I’ve even become acquainted with Abney Park http://www.abneypark.com/ . I feel like I’ve suddenly found out that the things I always thought were very cool are also appreciated by others. What a concept!

This all leads me to wonder…what is it about steampunk that I find so compelling?

I think there are a number of things. There is a sense on chivalry and honor that is sorely missing in these modern times. There is also a creative empowerment, the sense that a person could make wondrous inventions using his or her own hands, hard work and ingenuity. There is also a naive innocence surrounding progress and technology. I believe much of that innocence was lost during World War 1, and probably any that remained was destroyed during World War 2. Prior to World War 1, progress was viewed with an innocent enthusiasm. With any new power or technology that appears in our modern, jaded (and more realistic) times, we seem to weaponize it first. Maybe its no wonder that some of us look back to a past that might have been. Heck it beats sitting around the forest with a bunch of dudes beating on drums.

Image from http://www.crabfu.com/steamtoys/info_faq/ another awesome site

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